FOCAL POINTS - Yoga + Wellness


Tanya and Paul have extensive backgrounds in yoga, meditation, breathwork, energy work, yoga philosophy, spiritual & personal growth, vedic astrology, Thai Yoga Bodywork, ayurveda, and additional related modalities. They are thrilled to share with YOU a week of rich, experiential yoga practice, study, discussion, and discovery!

The theme of the retreat, CLEAR VISION, was intentionally chosen because of the importance of self-reflection and self-direction for taking in the huge changes and effects from daily life, as well as preparation for navigating your future, in every single new day, and with every new breath we take. The yogic principle of viveka (i.e. ‘clarity of perception’) is central to seeing the world, and your path ahead, without emotional biases, without “coloring” or distortion from past experiences, habits, and patterns; seeing from the highest perspective possible… from the eyes of your true Self! In other words, seeing clearly means first consciously and honestly evaluating your current state, and then uncovering your path, your goals, your priorities for the immediate future. Expect to leave the retreat with a clear plan of action and pragmatic next steps, specific personal practices, and a new sense of purpose and motivation for effective forward movement!


Here’s a description of some of the practices and teachings Tanya and Paul will lead you through:

  • Asana (physical yoga) practice – a variety of hatha and vinyasa yoga practices will be given each day, for all levels of practitioners. All practices will be accessible to all retreat attendees. Options will be offered for more advanced practitioners, and modifications will be given for those newer to yoga.
  • Pranayama (breathwork) – each yoga practice will include guided breathing technique(s) with specific intention(s). Similar to meditation above, breathwork also aims to achieve various energetic results as well as calming and soothing of the body/mind/emotions. We will also have specialty Breathwork workshops during the week.
  • Meditation – each yoga practice will include a guided meditation technique with a specific intention. Intentions include building energy, directing energy, hearing your intuition/inner guide, calming the mind, calming the body, rejuvenating the senses, cultivating positivity, and much more.
  • Yoga Nidra – this is a beautiful guided relaxation technique, practiced laying down, which essentially puts the body to sleep and takes the mind to deeper and more expanded states of consciousness. Tanya and Paul love yoga nidra… expect several juicy sessions during the retreat!
  • Visualization – this can be described as a type of meditation as well, but more appropriately, it’s a more “active meditation”, during which specific aspects of ourselves are addressed; whether to remove internal blockages, optimize our supportive patterns, reduce our non-supportive behaviours, and more.
  • Dharma Shakti / The Song of the Soul – The Purusharta – Tanya and Paul will guide you to understand and apply the ancient and profound teachings called “The Purusharta” or 4 Aims of the Soul during the retreat. This is a brilliant Teaching that promotes the discovery of key touchstones in your life: your overarching grand purpose, immediate goal(s) that support your purpose, hidden resistance to living your purpose, and techniques to overcome that resistance. WOW!
  • Thai Yoga Bodywork – Our lucky retreat participants will give AND receive a lovely session of this yummy practice, which merges traditional Thai massage with the subtler work of energy medicine. Unique from other types of bodywork and massage, Thai Yoga Bodywork is also a form of Yoga Therapy that combines rhythmic massage, assisted yoga poses, acupressure along energy meridians know as the “Sen,” healing energy work, and meditation.
  • Intuition Exercises – Each day we will do at least one intuition-building exercise to help validate and test our inner voice and develop trust within.
  • Chanting – use your voice to open your dormant energy, clear and heal past wounds, and connect with the Sacred. 
  • Ritual – Our heart and soul longs for meaning. Throughout the week and especially at the end of the week, Paul and Tanya will guide you through some of their favorite daily and event-related practices to connect to auspiciousness in life.

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